The Worlds Sexiest Man Is - An Estate Agent!

Date Published 17 February 2014

It was the book which got women all over the world hot under the collar as they commuted to work.

Now Fifty Shades Of Grey is being made into a film which will no doubt have the same effect all over again.

But (male) be warned - the next revelation could change the way the profession is perceived by many, for it has been claimed that the main male character in the story is based on a property agent!

According to Italian Alessandro Proto, he met the author of the book EL James when she was researching about celebrity property owners in Italy.

He claimed he spent two days showing her around the region.

According to reports Proto has allegedly said: "The firm Grey runs in the book is called Grey Enterprise Holding. Mine is called Proto Organisation Holding. When I met EL James I used to drive a R8 Audi" (as does the character Grey) and the pair both have top floor offices.

But some similarities do end there. "I'm an old fashioned man when it comes to sex, I'm not into that kind of fantasies," he said.

Who says estate agents are boring?